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- friends only -
My Neighbour Totoro

This journal is Friends Only. 
If you would like to be friends, just leave a comment here and add me. :) 

My journal contains personal ramblings and my stories, many of those are cross posted in the respective communities.
(Banner was made by random_yayness Thanks a bunch, hun! :3)

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I love that photo. Poor Jealous!Richard and Teasing!James.

Tehe, I know! But James wouldn't ever cheat on Richard. *lol* :3

Only with Richard's consent! And as long as Richard can watch and join in.

*points at icon and giggles*
Well, of course... xD If they want to get involved in a three- or moresome. *lol* No objections to that whatsoever.

hello, I noticed you share a interest in Top Gear Slash, maybe we could be Friends on here?

Saw that you like top gear slash, could we be friends??? Please?

Sure. :) Just added you!

Интересно читать

Материал на пять с плюсом.

Re: Интересно читать

Um, my Russian has got really rusty in the past couple of months. :/ I only understand a bit of what you wrote, but to avoid misunderstandings, could you write once more in English, please?

Hi, was just wondering if you want to be friends im totally obsessed with top gear slash atm :)

Hehe, sure. :) Just added you!

Thanks for adding me and fuelling my current obsession :P xx

i read some of your alex rider stories in other places and loved them. please add me :)

I've read some of your stories elsewhere and see that you've updated this site more recently on your stats. I'm new to livejournal. Could you add me as a friend so I can check out your work here as well, please?

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