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My Neighbour Totoro
Might've just booked a flight to London in May and tickets for "The Tempest" with Colin Morgan! OMFG! EHEHEHEHEHEHEHE! XD *falls over*
Totally on a whim... I saw the rehearsal pictures on facebook today and was all "hmmm, I would like to go, but ah well..." and then my flatmate walked in and I just shouted "Wanna go to London to the theatre!?" And she came over and said "Huh, yeah... sure." XD So we looked for a flight which was ridiculously cheap and then booked the tickets for "The Tempest".
We'll "only" be in the yard, but that's 5 pounds, so what the fuck... XD

I'm just so.... asjklasjklsajlakjalkalkjalkla!!! 

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Ooooh, that sounds amazing. Lucky you!

Haha, yeah. xD I hope it will be. I'm so nervous and excited.

Alright late to comment but HOLY SHIT THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER

Oh mann I hope you catch him for autographs, eeek so amazing! <3

Haha, I hope so too! XD But right now I'm avoiding reading reviews or anything, to keep my expectations down and not get over-excited. XD If that's even possible.

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