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My Neighbour Totoro
Might've just booked a flight to London in May and tickets for "The Tempest" with Colin Morgan! OMFG! EHEHEHEHEHEHEHE! XD *falls over*
Totally on a whim... I saw the rehearsal pictures on facebook today and was all "hmmm, I would like to go, but ah well..." and then my flatmate walked in and I just shouted "Wanna go to London to the theatre!?" And she came over and said "Huh, yeah... sure." XD So we looked for a flight which was ridiculously cheap and then booked the tickets for "The Tempest".
We'll "only" be in the yard, but that's 5 pounds, so what the fuck... XD

I'm just so.... asjklasjklsajlakjalkalkjalkla!!! 

How do I- I don't even... Oh dear. *sigh*
My Neighbour Totoro
I've been studying all week and didn't manage to get as much done as I'd meant to 'cause my capacity to concentrate seems to have diminished by 100% or something. I've gone to extra sports classes every day since Tuesday. I go to bed around 1 or 2 am after having written some of my Merlin paperlegends, because I can't work on it during the day or before 10pm anyway.
And I get up every day around 9am or 8.30am, which is way too early and far too little sleep for me to function.

And guess what?! NOW IT'S WORD WAR WEEKEND AND I'M SO PUMPED! :D And omg, I don't even know how I'll survive 'til the end of April without going mad or dropping dead from exertion. Why did I think it was a good idea to sign up for paperlegends when the biggest, most difficult, bloody arse-kickingly terrifying exam of my life is coming up?

I know why, cause it actually helps me keep my sanity. Thank you, Merlin. You're saving my life here, even though I should spend my days studying ALL THE TIME and do ALL THE WORK! But my brain feels like it's stuffed with cotton wool or sth.

Wow, this sounds like it was a whiny post. It wasn't actually. xD  


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